The State of
the Creator Economy 2022

With The State of the Creator Economy report, explore industry insights for 2022 through multiple lenses, including COVID-19’s impact, monetization trends, creator marketing tactics, and knowledge creator use-cases.

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The Creator Economy

Everyone is talking about it. But, talk is just that, talk. If you really want to
get to know the creator economy, you need to go deep into the data.

The Data Behind the Creator Economy

Knowledge creators are thriving: Kajabi customers’ total earnings are up 350% since 2020.
Online courses and membership sites - the most popular and lucrative products on Kajabi in 2021.
From 2019 to 2021, Kajabi saw customer growth surge 269% as new entrepreneurs entered the market.
Top industries at Kajabi between 2020 to 2021: personal development and health & fitness.

Creator Economy Defined

From the gradual decentralization of traditional media and the rise of social platforms grew the creator economy — an industry that is now worth billions and includes millions of independent creators who have harnessed the power of the online world to monetize their own skills, hobbies, and knowledge.

While the “creator economy” refers to the group of small businesses built by self-employed creators, it also encompasses the numerous companies arising to meet the needs of creators in the development, dissemination, and monetization of their content.

In the report, discover trends related to the creator economy including:

Creator Economy
Market Size and Growth

With more than 50 million creators already participating in the creator economy, the number grows every day - increasing the worth of the industry into the billions.

Content Creator Platforms

In response to the increased value of creators and their earning potential, there have been a number of creator-focused launches from new and existing tech-giants.

Creator Economy Monetization

Easier paths to monetization have emerged, and creators are beginning to own their content and audience through use of monetization tools like online courses and coaching.

The Biggest Challenges Creators Face

The economic inequalities present in the greater economy exist within the creator economy as well, regardless of whether someone directly or indirectly monetizes.

Marketing in the Creator Economy

Marketing is essential to building a thriving online business and brand. Kajabi Heroes were surveyed to discover which marketing methods are driving traffic and conversions.

Even hear directly from our Heroes!

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