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Cyrus Installer is one of the very latest in a long line of app installers that are trying to give us some of what Cydia supplied but without having to jailbreak first. ACMarket is good alternative to Cyrus for Android. Cyrus Installer supports iOS 7 through to iOS 11 and is packed with features that will provide something for everyone to enjoy. Unlike the app installers before it, Cyrus Installer provides us with Cydia tweaks and not a whole load of other content that we can get from just about anywhere. You won’t find any iOS app store apps in there; instead, you will find a selection of emulators, entertainment apps, modified apps, themes and lots more besides.

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Cyrus Installer uses SSL encryption, and although it was originally designed with iOS in mind, it now supports android. Given that Android devices cannot be jailbroken, this is great news because it gives users a chance to see exactly what they have been missing out on.

How to Download Cyrus Installer on Android :

To download Cyrus Installer onto Android requires a bit of work, mainly because you need to use the Cyrus Installer APK to get it onto your device. The APK, or application package file, is what is needed for the installation of software onto Android and it is a zipped file.

  1. First, on your Android device, open Settings > Security 
  2. Make sure there is a tick in the box beside Unknown Source Options  , not doing this step will result in Cyrus Installer failing to install on your device    
  3. Now download the Cyrus Installer APK onto your computer
  4. Extract the contents and then send the .apk to yourself via email
  5. Open the email on your Android device and download the file
  6. Find it on your Android device and tap to install it
  7. Let the installation complete and you can begin to enjoy the benefits of Cyrus Installer on your Android device. 

It may seem like this is a bit of a cumbersome job but it really is very simple. Make sure you follow all the steps as written, DO NOT skip any steps and you should be using Cyrus Installer on your Android device in a matter of minutes.

Are you going to use Cyrus Installer on your Android device ? Do you want to get some idea of why iOS users jailbreak their devices ? Let us know how you get on and get more Android tips and tutorials like this one by following us on Facebook.

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